Sunday, December 16, 2018

Reichstag Bundestag

When we visited Berlin in 2016 on our first interrailing trip, I had learned that visits to the Reischtag dome were possible and had planned to do the trip. When we arrived, we were told that it was necessary to book in advance and so we couldn't find a space anywhere near the time we had in Berlin. This time, I booked months in advance and included us in an English speaking tour. 

After a difficult day walking around Berlin in the rain, trying to find somewhere that was open, the kids had a meltdown near the Brandenberg tower and said they would refuse to go in to the Reichstag. To cap it all off, there was nowhere indoors for us to wait and it was drizzling and very cold... I got the third degree from each child for about half an hour. In the end, it was clear that an English speaking tour was out of the question so I told the staff and they kindly let us through 5 minutes early to simply look around and avoid the queues. The staff at the Reichstag were fantastically helpful and very kind. 

Looking happy at the Brandenburg gate

Obviously there are rarely any photographs of the fall outs... so some time elapsed here and now Caden is inside the Reichstag. 

It was worth the wait... what a spectacular design! It's a marvel! 

We could see parliament taking place way below... Caden said he could see Angela Merkel. He also said he thought he saw Macron, which spurred another meltdown because he wanted to meet him. Tough day! 

On our walk home, there were an extraordinary amount of police around, riot vans and cars stuffed with police everywhere... 

We stumbled upon a demonstration outside the Hauptbahnhof! We asked a lady and she told us that it was the anniversary night of the broken glass, Kristallnacht. One big event in Germany on 14 Nov. 1940 that was to be the catalyst for the Holocaust.  She told us a judge in Germany had, that week, ruled that the Nazis may walk in protest through the city. Freedom of speech. Also she said that she and the demonstrators were there to peacefully exercise their free speech that Nazis are not acceptable in Germany. It was moody, but really interesting. I didn't feel fully safe so we got through and went home, too many police to assume it would definitely go well! 

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Science & Technology Museum Berlin

We found the building next door had a plane on the roof. 

A cross section of a car. 

The first computers... this was in the technology part of the museum and we saw a timeline of computers and home technology. 

We were guided by a robot, we told him where to take us and he did so, explaining all about the feature on the way. We saw the enigma code decipher. 

We had some fun with centrifugal forces and blew a few coins. 

Mirror silliness. 

We played with colour.. the science museum is a really good one. 

We played with electricity. 

and spinning light...

an electromagnet and we tested our own voltage

Caden becomes a seal..

Pendulum dynamics


A spinning ring... 

And Zoltar - from BIG. We didn't dare put the money in!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Body Worlds Museum Berlin

This afternoon we visited the Menschen museum at Alexanderplatz in Berlin. I was blown away by this, the kids learned so much! You can't plan for this kind of learning. There was so much going on, they were so excited about what they were learning. Pulling me from this exhibit to that, telling me what they had learned about... all of it was different, personal to them and at their own range of understanding. The important thing was they both showed a huge interest in this museum and we all find human anatomy fascinating! Even the simplest knowledge of knowing the names of the organs of the body and what they do... Seeing nerves, tendons, muscles and understanding their function and their relations to each other... it's just wonderful! I couldn't have taught them this much with loads of textbooks at home. Getting into it like this is the thing! Seeing it in action! 

My personal favourite The digestive system!

All the internal organs as they are packed, naturally. 

This is just art... 

How obesity changes your physiology... and reduces your quality of life then kills you! 

The urinary system of men and women!

I kid you not... a cross section of a dude on a bike! 

The circulatory system! Oh wow! 

More art... 

Lungs of a smoker compared to a healthy person. Good image, this! Also the cup in the middle is full of tar and that is the amount of tar a smoker on average collects in their lungs every year. As a ex-smoker, this makes me feel so grateful to my former self for quitting when I did! 

The nervous system!

Something beautiful! 

Larks outside... 

We ended today with a green smoothie and a healthy burrito at 'The good seed'. 

Reichstag Bundestag

When we visited Berlin in 2016 on our first interrailing trip, I had learned that visits to the Reischtag dome were possible and had planne...