Saturday, February 20, 2016

2016 update

No photos... my phones have either been lost or broken... hopefully that will change now I have a new phone.

January has been pretty gloomy weather-wise but our farm house is improving by the week with all the work that Jan and I are doing to improve it and we are all enjoying being together and in the house more and more. We have created a new movie room and it's perfect for family movies and family board games. The kid's maths is improving all the time with the games they play with us, like monopoly, these are really excellent learning opportunities and we are very close as a family with all the time we have to spend with the children now. Everyone benefits.

The kids have had visitors in January as well, Sarah and Tracey have visited with their kids so our kids have had their friends from England come to see them which they have loved. Also I have visited England and the boys saw their Dad and their cousins and Dad's family which they enjoyed.

Reichstag Bundestag

When we visited Berlin in 2016 on our first interrailing trip, I had learned that visits to the Reischtag dome were possible and had planne...