Wednesday, October 23, 2013


It's been a funny old month has October. We have lots of changes happening in our lives and things have felt very topsy Turvey. Still, we have managed to get out and on with it. 

Here are some of the things we did. 

Miles makes eggs!

Enjoying a cuddle at the lake. Miles is going through a phase of not walking anywhere and being carried. Good exercise for me I guess :) he's very cuddly at the moment. He stopped breastfeeding this month, he is 3 in December, so I am sure that explains it. 

Miles refusing to walk! Told you ;)

We stood underneath a pylon and talked about it for a while. 

Miles played with his friends, Caden too. 

We went to the next natural history museum (Tring) workshop. This one was to learn about classification. The kids listened and really enjoyed it. Plus they got to handle some excellent preserved animals and try to classify them. 

Ostrich egg!
Mr frog! (Jeremy fisher we thought)
Holding the huge reticulated python skin. Caden didn't want to join in this. 
A beautiful turtle. 
Then as it is part of national film week, we went to see Disney's chimpanzee at the cinema. The kids love popcorn and they really enjoyed the film. 

We did lots of other stuff too including te woods several times, swimming and going to the zoo with their annual passes. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Random stuff

Caden got creative with his skylanders this week. He made a little podium and placed figures around it. 

He made a pile of them around the podium too, then got really possessive about the space, Miles was not allowed to touch it (this was a problem for everyone). 

Miles and Caden did some art this week. 

Caden made a card for his Grandad. 

It rained so miles fashioned a hood out of his jumper! Here he is running by the canal. 

Center Parcs

We went to Center Parcs in Sherwood with the kids last week. They absolutely loved it. We didn't swim half as much as we should have done but we took advantage of the fantastic playgrounds, the activities and even a little spa one of the mornings, though we only managed an hour of it. It was very nice to have a break!

Above is Caden climbing and below some photos of what it was like there. Their Dad (Paul) and Miles climbing together.

This is Caden making a plate for squirrels to eat food off. 

Slide fun on the beach!

All life-jacketed up ready for a pedalo. 

Miles cried as soon as we set off in the pedalo and was threatening to jump off so we brought the boat back and I got off with him. Caden and his Dad boated out for a while but I had a nice beer in the sun with Miles and we did colouring in! It was very lovely! 

We did 10 pin bowling. Oh the whinging before we actually began. Caden went all out to try to not do this but as soon as he threw the first ball, he was hooked. They went back for more later in the week. 

Pure bowling joy! 

Arms outstretched to hug Rupert bear and (a slightly masculine and dodgy looking) Alice in Wonderland behind him. Miles loved it! 

They loved going on the bikes. Caden is getting very good on his. They also enjoyed seeing the pond with the Koi Carp and the waterfalls. It was a lovely holiday for them. 


An update of the things we have been doing.

Some playtimes and Caden had his first go at the skate park! So proud :)

We had some good playtimes at friend's houses, lots of different games and crafts...
Here is Miles making something out of a bunch of skylanders...

The boys having fun playing, oh the wrestling and tearing up the house that goes on now Miles is bigger and more robust. Miles starts it most of the time these days.... They have a lot of fun together these two! 

We made some little peg people, Miles' was the fairy and Caden's the cat! 

Lots of walks in the woods, getting the most out of the last dregs of warmth left from the Summer, they need to climb and move a lot...
Miles going through the Cadey tunnel at Tiddenfoot Waterside Park. 

The 'wobbly bridge' at Rushmere Woods... 

We found some lovely mushrooms this year. Here is a fairy kingdom we found!

Climbing the giant spider 

and climbing the lovely wooden sculptures at Rushmere... There are some most excellent sculptures dotted throughout the forest. 

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